Workshops 2019

Workshops will take place in the Upland Hall

Moredun Livestock Health Seminar

Livestock Health Seminar focussing on the latest developments in the prevention and control of disease in cattle with leading researchers from Moredun Research Institute.

Introduction and welcome by Mungo Guthrie, South of Scotland Regional Board member

  • BVD disease: Update on disease prevention and control – George Russell, Moredun
  • Showing our new BVD animation film
  • Johne’s disease: Update on disease prevention and control:  Karen Stevenson or Craig Watkins, Moredun

DairyPro CPD points are available for attending AgriScot and additional points can be collected for attending this workshop.

11.30am – 12.30am

Selective Dry Cow Therapy and Udder Health on Scottish Dairy Farms


Dr Lorna MacPherson, SAC Consulting

Professor Alastair Macrae, University of Edinburgh (The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies)

Mr Colin Penny, Zoetis

This session is about the use of selective dry cow therapy (SDCT) to reduce antibiotic use in dairy herds and will focus on the important factors to consider when implementing SDCT and the role of the vet in monitoring outcomes. The benefit of using of teat sealants and best practice administration technique will be presented and the results of a three year Scottish Government funded project looking at the effect of SDCT on udder health in Scottish dairy herds will be discussed.



1.30pm – 2.30pm