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New Arable Competition For AgriScot

A new competition aimed at injecting some feel-good factor into Scotland’s arable farming sector is set to be announced at AgriScot next month.

The AgriScot Scottish Arable Farm of the Year Award, aims to emulate the success of the Scottish Dairy, Scotch Beef and Scottish Sheep Farm of the Year competitions.

Andrew Moir, AgriScot Chairman, explains the thinking behind the new award:

“AgriScot is now, more than ever, about all sectors of agriculture.”

“A significant number of the trade stands and seminars at our event are hugely relevant to arable farmers and we have been attracting them in increasing numbers year on year.”

“With the ongoing success of our farm of the year awards for the 3 principal livestock sectors we felt that arable businesses were missing out.”

“Thanks to sponsorship from SoilEssentials and the support of AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds, we are able to announce at AgriScot that the inaugural Scottish Arable Farm of the Year competition will take place in 2017.”

“AgriScot has an established history of sectorial and business competitions. Awards are made each year not only in the farm of the year competitions but also for farm business skills exhibited by a young Scottish talent, the best silage crops and the best new product exhibited at AgriScot.”

“The awards are our way of highlighting excellence in the industry and, in turn, helping farmers to pick up ways in which their own businesses might be improved.”

“We look forward to launching the Scottish Arable Farm of the Year at AgriScot and making the first award of this prestigious new title in 2017.”

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