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Exhibitors List – R

The AgriScot 2023 Exhibitors List.

You can find out which companies are exhibiting at AgriScot by browsing the directory shown below.

CompanyStand NumberListingWebsite
Redpath Tyres Ltd158Supply, fitting and repairs to tyres for all types of vehicles. Specialist advice on tyre sizes and ratios. Outside fitters covering all of Scotland and North England.
Roadhead Farm Feeds76We have a full calf care range including our 4 milk powders, Our Roadhead Revitilise, ProtectaCalf, Colostrum and Calf Crunch course mix. Dairy blends can be made to each of your exact requirements to go along with our 3 dairy cakes, Platinum, White Gold and Milk Maker. These are designed to achieve the best yields as possible while supporting overall performance and fertility. Beef and young stock blends are also available to be made up for you along with our full range of creep feeds, finishers and blends for sucklers and store. Sheep blends include feed blends for Tups, Ewes before and after lambing along with young lamb blends to finishers, made suitable for all stages of growth and development.
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies105The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies provides first opinion veterinary advice and consultancy on all aspects of herd / flock health. The Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service (DHHPS) performs metabolic blood profiles on over 8,000 dairy cows a year. Why not “ask the cows” what they think of the ration with a metabolic profile?
RSABI07RSABI support people In Scottish Agriculture by providing practical, emotional and financial support to those working within the Scottish Agriculture industry. We are on a mission to support and take care of as many farming people as possible. Initial enquiries can be made through our webchat ( or freephone helpline (0808 1234 555) which is completely confidential and available at all times.
Rumenco Ltd113Supplementation