Exhibitors List – A

The AgriScot 2019 Exhibitor List.

You can find out which companies are exhibiting at AgriScot by browsing the directory shown below.

A&W Elphinstone Fabrication158A&W Elphinstone, located in rural Aberdeenshire, the company has taken the opportunity to diversify their skills in welding and fabrication manufacturing the cow catcher crate, livestock feeding systems, feeders and sheep trailers made to customers own, individual specifications. Contact Drew on 07762794345www.cowcatchercrate.com
AB Vista72AB Vista is an international supplier of world leading feed ingredients and technical services. Our internationally reowned technical experts use technology and extensive trial data to develop products that deliver optimal performance.www.abvista.com
Abbey Machinery Ltd228www.abbeymachinery.com
ACT Ltd84The leading UK wide farmer owned co-operative, offering substantial savings over a wide range of major farm inputs, including fertilisers, feeds, seeds, supplements etc.www.actionfarm.co.uk
Adf Milking Limited101The ADF automatic dipping and flushing system is a multi-award winning product that is helping farmers improve the health of their herds. It saves time and increases the efficiency of the milking parlour.www.adfmilking.com
AG Products60 + 97www.ag-products.co.uk
Agquip Ltd205 Agquip will be presenting the vari jet twin spreader that can pick up either front or back reeler. The vari-jet twin spreader is ideal for covering a large working area in a single pass. Agquip will also have a dribble bar and high output Cri mon pump on displaywww.agquip.com
Agri Lloyd23Industry accredited market leaders in ruminant nutrition, health and performance analysis.www.agrilloyd.co.uk
Agri Market Insight Access Ltd192www.agrimarketia.com
Agri Webb Ltd208AgriWebb Farm and Livestock Management Software creates easy to use farm management software covering all enterprises. We’re helping thousands of farmers across the world simplify their farm record keeping, solve their audit and accreditation needs and increase the productivity of their farms. Every sheep, cattle, medicine and field record on your phone. See how 3,000+ farmers are eliminating farm assurance stress, Record-keeping doesn’t have to mean using multiple pieces of clunky software. www.agriwebb.com/uk
AgriArgo UK175Argo Tractors is an important Industrial Group family owned that designs, produces and markets tractors, services and parts worldwide, which encompass
a technological portfolio of brands that have set important milestones in agricultural mechanization.
At the center of project is man with the commitment of Argo Tractors to respect the environment and make the work safer and easier for farmers in the fields and those who, each day, are passionately dedicated to continuously improving the efficiency and performance of our products in the factory.
Agriking Ltd68Agriking Ltd are the forage & feed efficiency experts. Talk to us about how balanced diets & better forages can improve performance, reduce feed costs & improve health & fertility.www.agriking.com
Agrimin Ltd57Agrimin bolus products – ensuring sustained supply of vital trace elements, vitamins and minerals for your livestock.www.agrimin.co.uk
AHDB103AHDB is a statutory levy board and is funded by farmer, growers and others in the supply chain. Our purpose is to inspire our farmers, growers and industry to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We equip the industry with easy to use, practical know-how, which they can apply straight away to make better decisions and improve their performance.www.ahdb.org.uk
Allflex UK Group Ltd146We are the leading livestock identification company we also offer a wide range of livestock husbandry products and animal handling equipment.www.allflex.co.uk
Alltech UK120
Almins Ltd62
Amazone LTD194www.amazone.co.uk
Animax Ltd3Animax is a pioneering British company which specialises in the research, development and manufacture of highly effective animal health products. Animax is the market leader in trace element supplementation for livestock.
Based in Suffolk in the UK, we are best known for our range of leaching boluses which deliver a prolonged release of the key trace elements. Copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium are the four trace elements which are essential for supplementation in low trace element diets in livestock. The boluses leach known and optimum levels of these elements for up to 6 months.
Anpario PLC137Anpario is an international producer and distributor of high performance natural feed additives for animal health, hygiene and nutrition. Anpario’s expertise is focused on intestinal health and nutrition and utilizing this understanding to improve animal performance and producer profitability.www.anpario.com
Aquawash Ltd206Scotland’s premier supplier of high pressure cleaning floorcare equipment with second to none back up servicewww.aquawash.co.uk
As before164www.wilsonagri.co.uk
AT Best Handlers Ltd129www.atbesthandlers.co.uk
ATL Agricultural Technology Limited1www-atlagri-com
ATV Services Scotland239aScotland’s premier supplier of premium brand ATV’s and UTV’s.www.atvservices.com
Autoservices Perth Ltd229Retailers of premium 4×4 vehicles for agricultural and commercial operators.www.isuzu.co.uk
Ayrshire Cattle Society86www.ayrshirescs.org