The UK's No. 1 Farm Business Event

Blog Post By Paul Savage, Agricultural Director, Arla Foods UK

Arla Foods UK has ambitious environmental and sustainability objectives. As a farmer-owned cooperative, we’re aiming to reduce on farm emissions by 30% by 20230 – most recently launching our Sustainability Incentive Model to help reward and motivate actions on farm that will help us achieve this objective.

We want to play our part in helping to support a sustainable, successful dairy sector and that’s why we’re proud to be sponsors of this year’s AgriScot event. It represents a fantastic opportunity for producers from across Scotland to get their hands on the latest in agricultural technology, meet with business innovators and explore a whole host of ways to improve the sustainability of their farms.

“The whole dairy sector now understands how important the issue of environmental and financial sustainability is,” explains Arla farmer owner and Board of Representatives member, David McMiken, who milks 300 Holstein cows on his farm near Castle Douglas. “As a result, there’s an ever-increasing range of products and services on offer to help us reduce our carbon emissions and improve efficiency, and it’s at events like AgriScot that we get to hear about them. It’s a really important event.”

“It’s great to see that Arla are sponsoring the show this year,” continues Arla farmer owner, Michael Yates, who milks 450 dairy cows on East Logan Farm. “Arla’s a big European company so it’s good to see them getting behind the Scottish dairy sector and what we’re doing in this region. Arla are committed to driving innovation and change withing the dairy sector, and by supporting events like AgriScot, they’re helping dairy producers to achieve this.”

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