Best Stall Award

AgriScot Best Stall Award

The Best Stall Award will be announced at AgriScot 2019 in the Ring at 14.30pm. 

The winner of the Best Stall Award at AgriScot 2018 was A.S Lawrie from Cuthill Towers Ayrshires. Photographed above is winner; James Lawrie with Nina Clancy (left), AgriScot director and Brian McCalmont (right), sales manager from Cowslips.

Established in 1991 and based in Northern Ireland, Giltspur Scientific Ltd are the manufacturers and distributors of Cowslips – the original orthopaedic shoe for the treatment of lameness in dairy cattle. Exported worldwide, the shoes have improved the welfare of millions of dairy cows by reducing the pain inflicted by lameness.

AgriScot recognises and awards a prize to the livestock owner with the best stall. Ensuring that a stall is clean, neat and inviting allows owners to demonstrate their dedication and professionalism, giving their herd stronger presence.

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