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Blog by Robin Dunlop of Thorntons, Sheep Farm of the Year Sponsors

With just under a week to go until we reveal the winner of the Sheep Farm of the Year, we spoke to Robin Dunlop from Thorntons to find out why they continue to get involved in competition, and more widely AgriScot.

“Thorntons are delighted to continue the sponsorship of Sheep Farm of the Year Award at AgriScot and the Scottish Farmer Agricultural Awards.

Having sponsored the Award for a considerable time, we really appreciate supporting an award that continues year on year to bring out and highlight the best of the Scottish sheep sector.

Without the Sheep Farmer of the Year award, we would not get to be such an integral part of the promotion of Scottish Agriculture to a wider group and highlight the forward thinking, adaptability and in recent years, resilience, of sheep farmers and Scottish agriculture generally.

The award also means so much to those that are nominated, and we understand that many of the nominated farms have the added boost, not just in morale on farm, but also tangible evidence to help promotion to wholesalers, processors, suppliers and direct to customers of their star status.

It is excellent to be a part of the Awards process and a great take away every year is the pride that we see in the Farms and their teams at the presentations of the plaques which are always so well deserved.

As ever Thorntons Land and Rural Business Team are there to support farmers with all matters that they need to futureproof their business not just for the present but also for future generations. Sheep Farm of the year is a great sponsorship for us as it highlights the best of the industry, and we hope that the examples set by the winners can be used across the sector to promote best practice and see the sector continue to flourish and adapt to change for the coming generations.

Wishing all the finalists the very best of luck next week, whether you win or not, to make the final is quite an achievement and I pass on my congratulations to everyone attending the awards.”

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