10.30am QMS: Maximising Returns Through Hitting Carcase Specifications


Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is hosting a webinar at 10.30am which will launch their new virtual tool called ‘Meat the Grade’.
The aim of this tool is to provide producers along the cattle and sheep supply chains valuable market driven insights to stock selection, carcase specification and grading techniques that look to enhance skills and knowledge to increase the amount of in-specification stock being selected for slaughter.
The webinar will also provide attendees with a video carcase demonstration with Adrian Crowe, South East of England Divisional Manager for Meat & Livestock Commercial Services Ltd (MLCSL). Adrian has classified cattle and sheep for MLC SL for over 35 years. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a live Q & A with Adrian Crowe and QMS Industry Development team. 
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