“I am delighted to represent my fellow
professional farmers on the AgriScot board .

AgriScot is your farm business event and we are
constantly evolving it to ensure it stays relevant
to your business.

We look forward to welcoming you
on 21st November.”

Robert Neill

“We are a family-owned, British manufacturer, always
looking for the right opportunity to meet our customers.

With an accessible location right next door to Edinburgh Airport, AgriScot attracts serious agri-professionals from all over the UK, Ireland and further afield.

Our own AgriScot journey involves a slightly less glamorous
1100 mile roundtrip by road each year, but it is well worth it for
the number of new, existing and potential customers we meet.”

Jim Squires
UK Sales Manager
Teagle Machinery Limited

“I have attended AgriScot since I was a student, and was
delighted to win the Business Skills Award, for young
people, at AgriScot in 2015.”

I have now graduated and work as an agricultural consultant whilst also being heavily involved in the sheep and cattle business here at Torloisk on Mull.”

It is great to attend AgriScot each year to keep up to date with innovative thinking, products and services that can make a real difference to the bottom line profitability of LFA farms like Torloisk and to exchange the latest news and knowledge with other farmers and agricultural professionals.”

Claire Simonetta

Torloisk Farm, Isle of Mull

“Agriscot provides a great opportunity
to speak to major machinery and tech
manufacturers, advisors and other
arable professionals.

The event has a great business atmosphere
at a relaxed time of year allowing detailed
planning for next year's growing crop."

Peter Chapman

South Redbog, Strichen

“AgriScot is a must attend for
progressive farmers.

The information, ideas and innovation I glean from AgriScot help me to utilise the latest and best technology and advice”.

Sally Williams
Clackmae Farm, Earlston

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